A new ticketing solution, and opportunity to run your own business with your own branding. 



Rest assured that you are covered under our accreditation participation including ASATA accreditation.


Our fully automated online ticketing system is available to Flight Centre Associates and Travel Associates 24/7 as well as our ticketing experts who can assist.

Flight Centre Associates and Travel Associates have access to a wide range of fares including published, net and private fare deals.


Through this global pandemic, Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa has established a growing need to create a new independent offering, to help many local independent agents, looking for a secure and reputable home. Flight Centre, which celebrates 26 years of operation in South Africa, has long had its private independent home known as Flight Centre Associates, which pays 75% commission levels in the market. The brand has successfully grown to over 170 strong independents over the years.

Looking ahead, the company believes there is a new gap in the market, to create an added offering which provides 100% earn and financial security to existing travel entrepreneurs who want their business independence. The model operates under Travel Associates, a well known global premium brand, powered by Flight Centre Travel Group which provides secure ticketing and content distribution services. As we start reimagining a world where travel borders reopen, we invite you to be part of the sustainable journey together.

Our two unique independent offerings have an innovative approach to the fastest growing segment of the travel industry.

For more information contact:

Chantal Gouws
General Manager - Independent Brands
084 548 1606

Mariaan van der Venter
Operations Leader - Flight Centre Associates
078 803 6970

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Global technology
Backing of a financially stable global company
Access to exclusively owned land content
Flexibility to choose a model that suits you
Join a truly independent network of like-minded travel professionals
Work to your timetable as a business owner
Earn more commission on more products
Flight Centre Associates
Travel Associates

75% model 

 Enjoy 75% of all gross commissions for a monthly fee of R900 excl.VAT, commencing 1 November 2020

 No fixed-term contract

100% model 

 Enjoy 100% of all commissions for a monthly fee of R1800 excl.VAT commencing 1 January 2021

 No fixed-term contract

Travel Associates is a premium offer for those in the travel industry with existing agencies and clients who would like to benefit from exclusive product and content and secure ticketing solutions.

 Ticketing solution
✔  Run your own business with your own branding
  Access to overrides
  Access to exclusive air and land content
  Backing of a global reputable company
  Access to global fare system
  Access to our 24/7 ticketing team
  Access to global technology

We will provide all of the above to you whilst allowing you to use your own branding and positioning. Travel Associates are typically travel agents who have run their own successful business and wish to earn more income without excessive head office interference.

Travel Associates

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Travel Associates